Bachelor of Arts

Individualized Study (IS)

Interested in an Indvidualized Study Major?

The Individualized Study major is no longer accepting new students.

Interested students should  apply to our new major:

Interdisciplinary Studies

Current Students

Students who already declared the Individualized Study major before WInter 2021 will follow the requirements below.

Individualized Study Major Requirements


Students can't apply directly to this major, but can prepare for admission in their junior year after they have completed at least one quarter of coursework in IAS, including BIS 300. Students interested in pursuing the Individualized Study major work with a faculty member to develop a proposal. This proposal is then reviewed by a faculty committee. Degree requirements for IS vary from proposal to proposal, but they need to include the following:

Degree Requirements

40 credits
A minimum of forty credits of coursework in the approved area of study, including three 2-credit Portfolio Reflection courses (one in the first quarter of individualized study; one at the midpoint; and one in the final quarter). 

Additional 28 credits
BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry (5 credits)
BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone (3 credits)
Elective courses offered by the School of IAS (20 credits) 

TOTAL= 68 Credits

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) Requirements & Policies

Interdisciplinary Practice & Reflection (IPR)

The IPR requirement can be completed through elective credits or it can overlap with major coursework.

Areas of Knowledge

25 credits must be completed in each Area of Knowledge.The Areas of Knowledge are: Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (VLPA), Individuals & Societies (I&S), and Natural World (NW).

Courses with more than one Area of Knowledge cannot be double-counted (they can count only once as VLPA, NW, or I&S). Courses may apply to both an Area of Knowledge requirement and the Diversity requirement, and as a requirement for the IS major.

Upper Division Credit Policy

Of the 68 credits applying to IS major requirements, a minimum of 48 credits must be completed at the Upper Division (300-400) level.

Matriculated status

Courses taken to satisfy IS major requirements must be completed in matriculated status.

Admitted prior to Autumn Quarter, 2016?

Students admitted to the IS major prior to Autumn 2016 may be eligible to complete an older set of major requirements. For more information, please check Requirement Changes Autumn 2016 page.

Faculty Contact

Please contact the IS Faculty Coordinator if you have any questions, concerns or ideas about the Individualized Study major.