Living-Learning Communities


The University of Washington Bothell Living-Learning Communities (LLC) program is a joint partnership between the Division of Student Affairs and the First Year and Pre-Major Program (FYPP) open to all first year students living in University housing.  The LLC program and additional partners create an engaging and intellectually rich experience for students living in campus housing that will extend student learning outside of the classroom and into the everyday lives of first year students.  These theme-based communities will integrate experiences both inside and outside of the classroom to enhance the social and personal growth of residents.  Please note that registering for the following courses throughout the academic year is a requirement for participation in the program:

  • 5 or 10 Discovery Core course (faculty taught) and a 2 credit First Year Interest Group (peer instructor taught) in the fall quarter.
  • 2 credit course (peer instructor taught) in the winter quarter.
  • 3 credit course (faculty taught) in the spring quarter.

LLC students will enjoy the usual perks of living in campus housing, but will also have access to the following benefits at no additional cost:

  • Living with students who share similar interests.
  • Greater opportunity to connect with faculty.
  • Exploration of major and career opportunities
  • Access to specialized programs and activities such as trips to local museums.
  • Priority Registration for Discovery Core classes. 

Science and Technology

Residents studying

This residential community is for students who have a passion for innovation and discovery in the fields of science and technology. This community welcomes students interested in environmental, biological, and health sciences, as well us electrical engineering, math, physics, computing & software systems, and video game technology.  What all of these fields share are scientific habits of mind – curiosity, skepticism, investigation – that build new and innovative ideas. 

Read the faculty letter to students here!

Your GPS for Health and Wellness

Every day we're bombarded with information and ideas about making healthy choices for wellness and healing choices if we're faced with illness/disabling much so that a GPS is needed to find our way through the many choices!  Join us for this GPS-H&W community as we explore the dynamics of defining, promoting and maintaining health and wellness through the interrelated lenses of food, nutrition, physical activity, workplace safety, social capital and the overarching umbrella of the social determinants of health.  This Living-Learning Community will be of particular interest to students considering health sciences related majors and professions or who are just interested in their own health and wellness.

Read the faculty letter to students here!

FAQ's about Living-Learning Communities

Do LLC’s require any work over the summer?

No.  The first events will be during orientation week.  You may be contacted over the summer to join an email list or social media site and start meeting the rest of the group informally online. 

Do I have to take a class to be a part of a LLC?

Yes. During fall quarter all participants will take a 5 or 10 credit Discovery Core course together.  All first-year students are required to take a Discovery Core, so you will simply be filling that requirement with a pre-determined class, and have the extra bonus of living very near potential study partners! You will also be enrolled in a 2-credit seminar that will meet fall and winter.  This 2-credit class will be on a credit/no credit basis (not graded) and will primarily be a resource to help you succeed in college, meet faculty and current students in the LLC disciplines, learn about opportunities in undergraduate research and visit LLC related sites and events around the region (like the Pacific Science Center, the Museum of Flight for the S&T LLC; local cultural events and restaurants for the Global Learning LLC).  You will also be registered for 3 Credit, Faculty led class in the spring that will introduce the concept of community based learning, through a chance to conduct service learning, job shadowing, and “mini-internships” in an area of interest. 

What are the benefits of joining a LLC?
  • A community of peers and roommates with similar interests.
  • You will share at least one class, and probably more, with many in the community, making it easy to form study groups in your residence.
  • A dedicated faculty member, advisor, and peer-mentor, work directly with the LLC students and provide access to extra resources to help you succeed in your first year.
  • Early involvement in student groups, preparing you for future leadership roles and offering resume building opportunities.
  • Opportunities to explore majors and careers, work with community organizations, and access other resources to help you decide on a major and career path.
  • The LLC residence halls will have extra funding for cool events like field trips, community dinners, and whatever activities you want to help design!
What have past students said about being in the Living-Learning Community?

From past LLC Community Members:

  • “My experience in the community so far, has been extremely positive. I love living in the same building as my classmates because it makes it really easy to have study groups and since we are all going into the same fields it is easy for us to help each other. It is also fun, because we usually hangout and in one of the dorm rooms or we all go out, in this way we have become really good friends."


  • “I have really enjoyed being in the Science & Technology Living-Learning Community because I know that if I am ever struggling in class, I have a close-knit community to fall back on that can help me back up. Having the same Discovery Core class and being neighbors helps us bond inside and outside of school and has helped form many potentially long-lasting friendships.”


  • “So far, my experience with the LLC has been a positive one, introducing me to my neighbors and saving me the trouble of actively seeking out those with similar interests.”


Lamiya-Kazi-ST.pngThe 2016-17 LLC Team!

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