University of Washington Bothell

Undergraduate Degrees

The CSS Program offers broad and innovative approaches to computer science and the design of applications software. Our multidisciplinary curriculum enables students to develop a wide range of competencies, making CSS students particularly valued in today's marketplace.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) is a computer science degree that places a greater emphasis on software engineering and relevant business and management concepts than would be found in a more traditional computer science degree.

Within CSSE, students may choose the Information Assurance & Cybersecurity option, which allows students to focus their electives on information assurance policy, secure coding, or networking and systems security.  CSSE-IAC students will be equipped with the knowledge to create, deploy, and manage systems that preserve individual and organizational privacy and security.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing (BAAC) combines courses in computer systems with elective classes in a subject or field of the student's choosing. Graduates will be able to combine their acquired detailed knowledge of their chosen application with a practical understanding of modern computing.

Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design

(Jointly administered by the Schools of STEM and IAS)

The Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design offers students an expansive understanding of the processes and methods involved in designing, creating and evaluating next-generation, technology-based media applications. With its broad, interdisciplinary approach to the fundamentals of interactive media design, and its focus on the studio experience, students will develop creative solutions to complex, real-world problems through cutting edge approaches to design techniques.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

(Jointly administered by the CSS Division and the EE Program of the E&M Division)

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering combines education in hardware and software development, with students gaining the background necessary to become broadly-educated professionals who are knowledgeable in both domains, understanding how the domains interact, restrict, or enable interdependent capabilities. Core coursework encompasses the physical and mathematical sciences, object-oriented programming, algorithms, data structures, software engineering, technical communications, circuits and systems, microprocessors, embedded systems, and operating systems. The major also offers the opportunity to build a strong foundation in network design and development, signal processing, mobile computing, sensor systems, semiconductor devices, testing and quality assurance, and project management, among others.

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