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Spring quarter classes at UW Bothell are being held remotely. Campus buildings have been secured but remain accessible to faculty and staff with a key or card key. Most campus services are available virtually. Visit our student resources page for more information.  

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Instructional continuity

The University of Washington Bothell is monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and in close contact with leadership at the University of Washington Seattle. These webpages are updated daily as new information is available.

The University of Washington's coronavirus webpage is updated frequently as new information is available.

Frequently Asked Questions - UW Bothell

These Frequently Asked Questions contain information specific to UW Bothell. For information on the novel coronavirus, visit the University of Washington’s novel coronavirus page.

Table of contents

Telework & time off

Are we permitted to hire at this time?
What if there isn’t work, or it isn’t possible to work from home?
Where can I find resources for training and professional development?
Is Shared Leave Available for Staff?
What is the difference between “essential personnel” and “critical personnel”?
What resources exist for self-care?

Classes, academics & research for students

Why did UW Bothell move all Spring quarter classes to a remote learning format?
Can I still come to the UW Bothell campus? Can I attend classes if I live near to campus?
How long will courses be delivered remotely?
How do I access my courses remotely?
What is it like to learn remotely?
How often do I need to log into my courses in Canvas? How often should I check my email?
How will I get my textbooks?
One or more of my spring courses includes a lab, internship, service, or other form of learning that I cannot imagine happening in an online format. What is the status of these classes?
What happens if I miss my classes because I am sick?

Technology for students

What resources are available for students adjusting to remote learning?
I don't have a device that supports my online learning. What can I do?
What if I don't have reliable internet access at home or if my connection is slow?
What should I do if I run into technical problems?

Student support

I participate in the Federal Work Study program. How will this disruption impact me?
What if I have a physical or learning disability?
What if I need tutoring help?
If I want to move out of the residence hall, what should I do?
Will I be able to access the UW Bothell Library during this disruption?
Will UW Bothell Counseling Services continue to be available?
How can I meet with my advisor?

International students and student veterans

I am an international student. How does the disruption affect me?
I am a military student and am worried about my benefits. What can I do?

Registration and financial concerns

Will there be refunds for this quarter?
Will there be refunds on the course fees I pay for the quarter?
What happens if I have unmet graduation requirements that are critical in order to graduate on time this year?
What if I was due to graduate this Spring?
How will my grades and transcript be affected this quarter?
How can I register for classes?
What happens if I decide to withdraw from classes and go home?
Will add/drop deadlines/fees be extended? Will changes to S/NS deadlines be extended? Are there any other registration related deadlines/fees that have been changed or extended?

Faculty and other academic personnel

Will mandatory promotion and tenure clocks proceed as normal?
Can I change my course to C/NC?
What is expected of faculty during the “transitional” first week of courses in Spring?
What library resources are available?
What resources are available for students adjusting to online learning?
I’m concerned about a student’s access to technology. What can I do?
I’m a faculty member who would like support transitioning to online instruction. What resources are available to me?
How do I make sure my courses, materials, etc. are accessible?
What are the protocols for faculty/employees who are reporting symptoms?

Research and laboratory operations

How is the UW safe-guarding research personnel?
I have sensitive equipment that needs daily maintenance. Can I come in to do this work?
What if I have undergraduates in my laboratory? Can they still work on their research, if they are willing to do so?

Events & university operations

Are we now under suspended operations?
How does UW Bothell clean and disinfect?

Finance & reporting

How do I track coronavirus-related expenses and purchases?

How you can help

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