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Many students share and pubish their work before they even graduate! We recommend starting with journals or publications dedicated to undergraduates. Looking a little broader, many local organizations and non-profits would love to publish your work in their print journals. Some students even author in peer-reviewed literature because of the research contributions they made working with their faculty mentors!

If you’ve been published in a journal, please let us know! Email us the article information and we’ll be sure to feature it:

Undergraduate Journals


The CROW accepts a variety of submission types including research editorials, research papers, abstracts, works in progress, and literature reviews. Submissions can be a culmination of any research conducted during a student’s time at the University of Washington Bothell. We accept papers from both undergraduate and graduate students from all schools and programs at UW Bothell.


Clamor is a venue for public expression and creative practice, as our name implies. In light of current events, we decided to showcase works that reflect opinions and identities representing the concerns of our community. As a student-led publication, our decisions were not made solely based on the content of these works, but on their engagement with their materials.
View the 2021 Issue online.

A student-ran undergraduate journal from the College of the Environment at UW Seattle. They are focused on highlighting undergraduate research and raising awareness of environmental issues around the Puget Sound area. This journal is produced quarterly with each issue focusing on a different aspect of the environment.

They also have a phenomenal blog to check out!


Angelica Lucchetto, 2020

UW Bothell student, Angelica Lucchetto, was published in the Autumn 2020 issue with her work on algae communities in lakes at Mount St. Helens. Angelica is in the school of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and worked with professor Avery Shinneman. View her published article (page 6).

Tanner Berglund, 2018

UW Bothell undergrad student, Tanner Berglund, worked on a crow project with Dr. Keya Sen. They published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Campylobacter jejuni Colonization in the Crow Gut Involves Many Deletions within the Cytolethal Distending Toxin Gene Cluster. View article.