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Get Published

Get Published!

Many students share and pubish their work before they even graduate! We recommend starting with journals or publications dedicated to undergraduates. Looking a little broader, many local organizations and non-profits would love to publish your work in their print journals. Some students even author in peer-reviewed literature because of the research contributions they made working with their faculty mentors!

Undergraduate Journals

Cover of the crow journal 2018 - hundreds of crows flying in the air with a sunset backgroundThe CROW

The CROW accepts a variety of submission types including research editorials, research papers, abstracts, works in progress, and literature reviews.  Submissions can be a culmination of any research conducted during a student’s time at the University of Washington Bothell.  We accept papers from both undergraduate and graduate students from all schools and programs at UW Bothell.




Clamor cover 2021 - green cover with a painted woman's faceClamor

Clamor is a venue for public expression and creative practice, as our name implies. In light of current events, we decided to showcase works that reflect opinions and identities representing the concerns of our community.  As a student-led publication, our decisions were not made solely based on the content of these works, but on their engagement with their materials.




Fieldnotes journal cover with snowy mountainFieldnotes
A student-ran undergraduate journal from the College of the Environment at UW Seattle. They are focused on highlighting undergraduate research and raising awareness of environmental issues around the Puget Sound area. This journal is produced quarterly with each issue focusing on a different aspect of the environment.

They also have a phenomenal blog to check out!




External Publications

If you've been published in a journal, we want to know! 

Submit your project/paper to the Husky Cache

Visit the Husky Cache. If you do not have a netID, you can learn more on this page.


External Publication Badgeexternal publication badge logo with magazize-book icon

This badge is awarded to UW Bothell student researchers who submit papers that are externally published. It is available to scholars who have published their own, or co-authored, a research or creative project - during their time as a student - in an external and peer-reviewed publication. External publications do not include UW Bothell or other UW publications (i.e. The CROW, Clamor, and Fieldnotes). The projects should associate with their scholarly activity, research, or artistic practice they have conducted while at UW Bothell.

Criteria For Receiving this Badge

Scholars need to be the author or a co-author on the paper. This includes when a student researcher contributed to a project’s success by helping in any capacity. Their contribution may include (but not be limited to): field and lab work.
Work on the project must have been completed while in student status. This includes work completed during summers, including the summer (or 1 quarter) after graduation.

Papers take a long time to publish, so if the scholar’s paper was published a year or two later, but the work was done while the scholar was a student, badges can still be earned, and the scholar is encouraged to submit.

When submitting, the scholar must include a title and abstract as well as the link to their publication. If the paper is open-sourced, please send the .pdf file.

An external publication, under most scenarios, is considered a peer-reviewed research journal, not affiliated with the University of Washington. For creative works, a magazine, paper, journal, or venue of high esteem that showcased the work may be accepted, when an editor or an approval board was part of the process.

Final badge approval is decided by the Director of Research and Creative Projects for Undergraduates, or another Connected Learning team member. Contact in advance if there are questions.


  • Submit supporting images, video links, documents, maps, and excel sheets from the project that may help a future student become inspired by the work or understand it better. Scholars should check in with their mentor or primary investigator to make sure supporting data is not confidential and can be shared.
  • Scholars should inform their mentor and other research participants that they are submitting their project.

What is not allowable

  • Most blogs, local and student newspapers, and student journals.
  • Published abstracts only, for example, when an abstract is prepared for a conference presentation. There needs to be a full paper to receive this badge.
  • Journals associated with UW such as The CROW, Clamor, and Fieldnotes.

Skills Used

  • scholarly activity
  • science collaboration
  • publication
  • research skills
  • navigate review process
  • editing
  • problem solving
  • written communication skills
  • data analytics and interpretation
  • project management

View badge details on Badgr

Scholars will receive a badge within 10 business days of submitting their projects to the Husky Cache.

This badge is awarded by Research and Creative Projects for Undergraduates, Connected Learning.

At the University of Washington Bothell, co-curricular badges are awarded to students by a department or office and are not recorded on the student’s official academic record.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Students can receive one badge per publication. This badge can be combined with other badges, even if it is for the same project.