Strengthen diversity and equity

UW Bothell is committed to creating a community that advances equity, social justice, affirmation and excellence for all. We are unwavering in our pursuit of collective and individual action to address the ways in which discrimination inhibits the lives and learning of all.

We realize this by embracing diversity in our student, staff and faculty composition. We champion equitable policies, practices and structures that bolster and sustain campus diversity. We align campus equity work with the University of Washington’s tri-campus vision of diversity and inclusion. We also create policies, structures and processes that identify, confront and address institutional and interpersonal discrimination that negatively affects personal and collective success.

Campus-wide key indicators

  • Increase achievement rates of racially and ethnically diverse students to levels comparable to other student populations
  • Strengthen time to degree completion for all students, with particular attention to those from marginalized communities or under-represented groups
  • Strengthen campus recruitment and retention processes that attract and retain diverse students, staff and faculty
  • Increase student, staff and faculty sense of belonging on campus, particularly those from marginalized communities and under- represented groups
  • Expand student, staff and faculty frameworks and skills to effectively engage with diverse cultural groups

Other priorities