President's Medal

Each year the UW Bothell President’s Medalist is selected from among graduating undergraduate students with the most distinguished academic record. The medal is presented during the Commencement ceremony in June. 


Eligible students are those who have taken 90 upper-level credits overall of which at least 70 graded credits must be taken at UW Bothell for all programs with the exception of BSN students, who must earn a minimum of 43 graded credits. 

Additionally, the students are selected from those that have a GPA in the top 2.0% of the graduating class in their program. Subsequent to the initial screening using the numerical criteria above, for the remaining finalist pool, additional dimensions of academic achievement are considered such as courses taken at UW Bothell, honors and awards, research and publications, as well as future plans. 

Students must have either graduated in autumn quarter or have applied to graduate with a departmental advisor for winter, spring, or summer quarters during the current academic year. 

Candidate notification and procedure 

Eligible students are sent a notification email from the Ceremonies and Honors Advisory Committee. Students are asked to confirm their interest in being considered and that they plan to attend the Commencement ceremony. 

Students who declare an interest and confirm their plans to attend the ceremony must submit a narrative no longer than two pages, double-spaced addressing the following: scholarship or academic awards received, other academic activities (examples: study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, service learning, publications, presentations or participation in professional organizations), and application of knowledge to current or future activities. 

The Ceremonies and Honors Advisory Committee will also solicit letters of recommendation from faculty members to support the narrative submitted by the candidate.

Review committee

The Ceremonies and Honors Advisory Committee, appointed by the chancellor, reviews the materials and submits three candidates to the chancellor. Of the three submissions, one student is selected and notified by the chancellor. 

Past recipients 

2023: Hithem Ghadamsi 
2022: Youssef Beltagy 
2021: Jordan T. Woltjer 
2020: Casey Cummins 
2019: Kaheerman “Sabira” Saibire 
2018: Paul Hage 
2017: Lingling Yuan 
2016: Justin Thompson 
2015: Alexander Gaston