Community Engagement Council

Community Engagement Council

The Community Engagement Council’s central purpose is to advise and assist UW Bothell in advancing its community engagement mission, and reports to the chancellor.

The council (and its executive committee) provides a forum for conversation among a range of UW Bothell units and community partners.  The conversation is a value in itself for advancing shared understandings; to do so, the council will develop and maintain a timeline with goals, strategy and tactics to achieve the community engagement mission. 

The council is responsible for reviewing annually progress in achieving them.  Further, the council will be a communication mechanism to expand the range of university and community members informed about and involved with UW Bothell’s community engagement efforts. It will also have a quality assurance function in insuring that engagement initiatives undertaken by the University are reviewed in a timely way.

The council will make strategic recommendations and periodic updates on progress and quality to the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and to the chancellor.

Chancellor's Charge Letter to Council

2020-2021 Members

  • Deanna Kennedy, Associate Professor, School of Business, Chair (2018-21)
  • Kara Adams, Director of Community Engagement
  • Sam Al-Khoury, Director of Student Engagement & Activities
  • Maria Lamarca Anderson, Director of Communications
  • Carolyn Brennan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Sponsored Research and Connected Learning
  • Bryanna Bui, ASUWB student rep
  • Leslie Cornick /Sandeep Krishnamurthy  Dean representative (School of STEM/ School of Business)
  • Raissa DeSmet, Associate Teaching Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Diversity, Equity, Community Engagement Fellows 
  • Natalia Dyba, Director of Global Initiatives
  • Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo, Assistant Professor, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Faculty 
  • Jin-Kyu Jung, Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Julie Klein, Associate Director for Advancement 
  • Ryan McIrvin, Government and Community Relations 
  • Datyous Mahmoudian, Student 
  • Gülru Özkan-Seely, Assistant Professor, School of Business 
  • Theodora Sofowora, Student 
  • Layla Taylor, CBLR Program Manager 
  • Carrie Tzou, Director, Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal, and Professor in School of Educational Studies 
  • Linda Watts, FYPP faculty rep, Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Maureen West, Associate Teaching Professor, School of Nursing & Health Studies 
  • Kim Wilson, Director, Career Services

Community Partner Members

  • Mary Houston, Director of Service Delivery, Workforce Snohomish
  • Diana Johns, interim Vice President, Science Engagement and Outreach, Pacific Science Center 
  • Tom Laing, Director, Latino Education Training Institute
  • Rosario Reyes, Founder and CEO, Latino Education Training Institute
  • Liesl McWhorter, Co-Director, 21 Acres
  • Rana San, Artistic Director, Northwest Film Forum
  • Becky Range, Assistant to City Manager, City of Bothell

Executive Committee

Responsibilities of the executive committee include managing the work of the council, such as agenda-setting; tracking of sub-committee work; and tracking council recommendations and assessment of their implementation.

  • Deanna Kennedy, Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo, Carrie Tzou, Julie Klein, Kara Adams