First-year student brings a world view

Third Culture Kid

Published: September 11, 2015

by Nicole Watkins

Danielle Tretyak was born and raised in Illinois until the 7th grade when her father’s job in the oil industry prompted their family to move across the ocean to Oman. From Oman they moved to Russia, back to the United States and then to India, where Tretyak attended five high schools over the course of four years. “I am a third culture kid,” says Tretyak. “I have a sense of my home country America, but I also carry the cultures of the countries I have lived in.”

When it was time for college, Tretyak wanted to return to the United States. She quickly discovered the difficulties in transferring international transcripts, but with the help of UW Bothell staff, Tretyak was able to successfully transfer. This summer, she made the twenty hour flight from India to begin another journey – as a first year student at UW Bothell. “When I arrived for orientation at UW Bothell” explains Tretyak, “I was blown away by the helpfulness and the experience of those around me, not only the leaders, but from my peers as well.”

Tretyak experienced the UW Bothell community; knowledgeable and helpful staff, engaged faculty and leadership, and students who collaborate and experience hands-on learning in a culture that is inclusive of all backgrounds, perspectives, and complex identities.

Tretyak says she looks forward to bringing her unique experience to the classroom as well as taking psychology and Discovery Core classes. In the future, she also wants to take advantage of the study abroad program as she expands her academic and cultural endeavors.

Students like Tretyak flourish in this environment where faculty inspire discovery and encourage life-long learning. The leading-edge educational experience at UW Bothell provides boundless opportunities before and after graduation.

“I instantly fell in love with how passionate students and faculty are at UW Bothell” says Tretyak. “I believe that this type of environment will help me greatly in pursuing a degree that I am interested in.”