Debate team wins again

UW Bothell debate team is victorious again 

There’s little debate about who the champions were in the 2015 Northwest Parli championships, hosted by UW Bothell’s Speech and Debate Team! UW Bothell’s very own Viona Sanda and Zynia Chapman tied with Komal Qureshi for first and second place in the Novice division.  Along with that Aidan Moran and Alexander Tullar took second place in the First/Second Year NPDA!  Every one of UW Bothell’s competing debaters took either first or second place in this tournament. 
Along with their success, Viona Sanda placed in the top 30 debaters in the nation with the Novice Division and Aidan Moran placed in the top 16 debaters in the nation with the International Public Debate Association. 
UW Bothell also won some speaker awards:
Komal Qureshi placed 3rd Novice Speaker
Zynia Chapman placed 1st Novice Speaker
Alexander Tullar placed 6th, First and Second Year Speaker 
Aidan Moran took 1st place, First and Second
Congratulations to UW Bothell’s Speech and Debate team and coach Denise Vaughan.