UW Bothell Grad is Strongest Woman Contender

UW Bothell Grad is Strongest Woman Contender

Published: December 3, 2013

Kristyn Whisman at America's Strongest Women 2013 competition

After earning her undergraduate from Whitman College, Kristyn Whisman knew that she wanted to continue her education. Whisman originally pursued a graduate degree in criminal justice, but soon realized that she was more interested in following the professional path that she had been on since 2007. As an educator with incarcerated populations through Edmonds Community College, Whisman found her work both challenging and fulfilling, and she wanted to build her future within the field.

“I found there were a lot of options for pursuing a Master’s in Education,” says Whisman. “UW Bothell won out because it allowed me to go through the program part-time, engage in classroom discussions, and enhance the career path I was on in an organic and balanced way.”

Whisman assumed the role of Dean of Correction’s Education in April of 2011, just a few weeks after completing her MA. She attributes her professional and personal achievements to the balance that that her experiences at UW Bothell helped cultivate.

“Going through the program at UW Bothell was a wonderful experience, and it helped me strike that balance I’ve been aiming for. The educational experience helped me be better at my job, which in turn has enabled me to have more time and energy to put into my family and my passions.”

Those personal achievements have been quite notable recently.

Whisman recently earned the second place title in the America’s Strongest Woman championship. She has been competing in Strongman events since 2007, and has previously won the title on multiple occasions. Many will find this year’s second place finish more impressive than any of her first place finishes since it came just six months after giving birth to a baby boy.

While Whisman excels in her leadership of corrections education, she will continue striking that balance as she trains for the March 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Strongwoman Fitness Competition.