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Warren Gold Wins Ecology Award

Warren Gold Wins Ecology Award

Published: March 19, 2013

Warren Gold

The UW Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN), founded by UW Bothell’s Warren Gold, won the 2013 Special Award from the Society for Ecological Restoration-Northwest Chapter (SERNW). The network connects students with community partners to complete ecological restoration projects of various sizes. The student capstone projects and faculty instruction span across all three UW campuses. Gold is an Associate Professor of Ecology at UW Bothell where he led the restoration of the campus’ North Creek Wetlands. He now co-directs UW-REN and serves as principal instructor alongside UW Seattle associate professor Kern Ewing.

Warren Gold Gold says the award reflects the students’ work with the community, “It is recognition by the leading scientists and practitioners of ecological restoration in our area of the hard work, dedication, and creativity that our students have brought to partnering with the community to restore ecological functions to damaged landscapes across the Puget Sound region.” He added, “It is an honor and an important acknowledgment of the UW-REN capstone approach to fusing rigorous academic knowledge with hands-on practice in building the new generation of restoration professionals and informed citizenry.”

Warren Gold Since UW-REN’s founding 13 years ago, 475 students, representing 31 academic majors have completed the capstone sequence in cooperation with 37 community partners. Of those students, 119 have been from UW Bothell.