Fall 2013 Job and Internship Fair a Success

Fall 2013 Job and Internship Fair a Success

Published: November 19, 2013

The 2013 Job and Internship Fair organized by UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College was a huge success. According to UW Bothell’s Career Services employer relations manager Kristin Hunt, nearly 400 undergraduate and graduate students attended the fair held in Mobius Hall. They came in search of part-time and full-time jobs as well as internship opportunities. Often, the job and internship-seekers found themselves standing across the table from UW Bothell alumni. Hunt attributes this to the successful placement of UW Bothell graduates with many regional employers, “Every employer that already has a UW Bothell alumni or student working for them had nothing but fabulous things to say about their hires,” she says. “They were attending the fair hoping to find more great Bothell students.”

Shawn Ahmadi, UW Bothell (’11), now works for software technology company TalentWise. Ahmadi says he’s thrilled with the turnout. “The caliber of students continues to grow year after year. They’re bright, they’re well spoken. I think there’s a bright future for them.” Holding up a stack of resumes from potential employees, Ahmadi’s co-worker Ben Izzard agrees, “We found students who had the characteristics we’re looking for,” he says. “We talked to a number of students from a variety of different majors and we could tell from the start whether they were a good fit.

Bob Lee represents Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, one of nearly 40 employers searching for great talent. “The students here seem to be well versed. They’ve done their homework and know where they want to take their careers.” Lee says he encountered quite a few very bright students who seemed qualified for many of the positions available for undergraduates and graduates.

Stacey Rajkovics is a sophomore Interactive Media Design student focusing in game design and development. The program is in its first year, so Rajkovics says she considers herself and her classmates to be pioneers. Rajkovics says the job fairs give her a feel for what is going on in the industry. “Employers seem to want a variety of things. Some want programming. Some want graphic design. It is just a variety of different needs and opportunities out there depending on how you want to apply this particular major.”

Another big draw to the job and internship fair was the LinkedIn professional photo booth run by UW Bothell alumni affairs and alumni council member Mary Howisey (’02). Electrical engineering junior Mei Ng says the booth actually drew her to the fair. She and Rajkovics were two of more than 100 students who took advantage of the free service that will provide a professional head shot to post on LinkedIn. “That is one of the major hurdles I have,” says Rajkovics. “I don’t have a professional photo on LinkedIn and this gives me a professional photo where people can look at my brand and say it is a professional brand.”

Hunt says she looks forward to future partnerships with Cascadia Community College and the winter internship fair.