Fahad Alshehri

Fahad Alshehri

Learning, sharing computer science concepts

Fahad Alshehri believes robots will be organizing offices and cleaning kitchens in as little as five years. “I can see that happening, given the progress that’s been made already,” said Alshehri, a Computer Science and Software Engineering major.

Alshehri’s confidence in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning comes from his work as a computing and software systems teaching assistant at the University of Washington Bothell. It gives him many opportunities to work one-to-one with professors and other students on their innovative projects — and to further his own.

“It’s an engaging learning experience,” he said. “We give each other lots of feedback on what could be done better.”

UW Bothell’s reputation for supportive teaching and learning relationships is what led Alshehri to transfer to the University after earning an associate degree in Engineering at Bellevue College. And his work now as a teaching assistant fosters such relationships. He works closely with students and helps prepare them for high-demand careers. He also has seen fellow students find internships and jobs with well-known tech companies.

“We make sure students get the most out of their Computer Science and Software Engineering experience,” he said.

Alshehri is also active in the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, the world’s largest scientific and educational computing society. To promote computer science, he creates YouTube tutorials which explain concepts that are better taught visually.

“I’m just looking for ways to spread the information UW Bothell has been teaching me,” he said. “It’s better to spread that knowledge to as many people as I can.”

Alshehri is pleased to be singled out in the Husky 100, although he thinks many more students deserve the honor. After graduating in winter 2019, Alshehri plans to work for several years and then attend graduate school, specializing in AI and machine learning.

“My goal is to create programs and robots that make human life easier and make our work efficient, especially in manufacturing industries,” he said. “I’d like a robot to sort out daily life, organizing our office, cleaning our kitchen. Why couldn’t a robot do that for us?”