Technology & Innovation Management (TIM) Concentration

Why study Technology & Innovation Management?

This specialized management concentration offers an understanding of the nature of innovation, the relationship between strategic leadership and innovation, and how organizations use technology and new product development processes to successfully manage change. Students examine the intersection of technology and innovation within the context of the firm and its industry. Students have the opportunity to

  • Acquire the necessary skills to critically analyze the potential impact of upcoming technologies on various industrial sectors
  • Study local high-technology companies and meet their decision-makers and innovators
  • Make more informed investment decisions
  • Target new business opportunities
  • Position themselves to work in high-technology companies in areas such as product/project management, strategic planning and technology development

After graduation, students apply their knowledge in industries such as telecommunications, computing, engineering and biotechnology.

TIM faculty


Twenty credits in 300 and 400-level courses are required to complete the TIM Concentration, including two required courses and two elective courses (five credits each).


  • BBUS 300 – Management of Organizations is a prerequisite to all other courses in the concentration.
  • BBUS 320 – Marketing Management and BBUS 350 – Business Finance are prerequisites to BBUS 476 – New Technology & Future Markets.

Required courses

  • BBUS 475 – Managing Innovation
  • BBUS 476 – New Technology & Future Markets

Elective courses

Minimum of two required.

  • BBUS 330 – Information Management and Analysis
  • BBUS 429 – Special Topics in Marketing (if concentration approval is in quarterly time schedule)
  • BBUS 431 – Electronic Marketing
  • BBUS 443 – Entrepreneurship Seminar
  • BBUS 444 – Product Development Laboratory
  • BBUS 471 – Entrepreneurial Management
  • BBUS 479 – Special Topics in Management, Only counts when approved for concentration; see your advisor before registering.
  • BBUS 490 – Special Topics in Business, Only counts when approved for concentration; see your advisor before registering.
  • BBUS 491 – Business Consulting