Vision, mission & values

School of Business vision, mission & values

Adopted June 9, 2016


We enhance the well-being of individuals, organizations, and society through leadership in business education and research.

We are building an inclusive, interdisciplinary, and impactful academic community that encourages expression of diverse ideas and perspectives to enrich the lives of our students and other stakeholders.



As part of a public research university, we create, disseminate, and apply business knowledge to develop principled leaders and organizations in Washington and beyond.

We provide access to excellence in higher education through academic programs that promote a spirit of discovery, critical and analytical thinking, ethical reasoning, and respect for cultural and intellectual diversity. We collaboratively engage with local, national, and global academic and business communities to discover, advance, and apply knowledge for the common good.



Personal Ethics and Responsibilities

As individuals and collectively, we value honesty, integrity, truthfulness and trustworthiness and aspire to treat others with mutual respect and collegiality.

Work Ethic

We value rigor in intellectual inquiry and the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors.

Commitment to Diversity

At the University of Washington, diversity is integral to excellence. The University of Washington Bothell is one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the nation. We recognize that the diversity inherent in the existing student body, and the mix of student experiences, expand the nature of dialogue in the school, and exposure to a variety of viewpoints produces higher quality results. Therefore, we cherish freedom of thought, welcome multiple frames of reference and learning experiences that foster sensitivity and flexibility towards cultural differences, embody the global context, and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of business decisions. We respect all ideas, thoughts and approaches that embody deliberate and careful scholarship at the highest level.

Commitment to Academic Values

We embrace a culture of leadership through knowledge. We respect knowledge and insights that have been validated by reason and rigor and will give primacy to them in making our choices. We accord greater respect to evidence-based reasoning than to declarations by fiat or argument by authority.

Commitment to Collaboration

We value partnerships with all levels of the academic and business communities to promote holistic business education and research that advances the public good.