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The UW Bothell School of Business develops ethical leaders who can thrive in today’s pragmatic, bottom line-driven business environment. We are partners with our community, our nation and our world, sharing knowledge and expertise and helping to drive global advancements in responsible business management. We go beyond teaching our students how; we teach them to question why. To succeed in the competitive, ever-evolving 21st century world of business, companies need critical thinkers and problem solvers who know how to anticipate, analyze and resolve problems before they happen.

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Nine out of 10
UW Bothell students are from Washington state

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60% of
UW Bothell students qualify
for financial aid


Industry Experience

We integrate hands-on, real-world experiences as part of our curriculum to prepare workforce-ready graduates. We want to increase the opportunity for industry internships though meaningful partnerships with local industry and community organizations wishing to engage with us to explore research questions and innovative ideas while driving economic development.

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Student Scholarships

Support students with a passion in the world of business. Undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available for those that demonstrate financial need. Find a scholarship that you like and support it, or create your own. Give future students their opportunity to change the world!

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Innovation / Research

The University of Washington is driven by innovation and research. To offer students the highest caliber academic experience possible, we continue to recruit faculty that excel in innovative research. This propels UW Bothell to lead the push in business innovation throughout the community and around the world. Be a part of the change you want to see!

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