Ashobhya Mann

Akshobhya Mann

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Akshobhya has a wide background in leadership, hiring strategy and business development in consulting, support and operations teams in both new and established product spaces. With a deep technical background and experience in every level of maturity for the application of applying an agile framework she is passionate about bringing this to the table within teams and with customer interactions in building business requirements and delivery models that meet the changing landscape and meeting stakeholders ‘where they are’. In addition to her passion for making her colleagues successful and working with business partners and customers she loves spending time with her pets, friends, and family. 

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Ashobhya on mentorship

The opportunity to make other people successful is one of the key values my professional and personal experience brings to my life. Not only do I personally enjoy meeting new people in every step and walk of life but I feel strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to find and open doors that help them build themselves to where they want to go. Bringing my network, experience as a hiring manager and experience in driving my own career path – or even just a listening ear to supporting individuals in this path is something I find very rewarding.

Specialty topics

  • Building and understanding your network
  • Public speaking and presentation
  • Customer communication
  • Hiring and retaining talent
  • Individual development within a team
  • Product development
  • Digital strategy and transformation


Favorite books and learning resources

While not traditional business fodder, I believe in cross discipline ideation and staying current on top minds in science, journalism, and mindfulness (as a brief example) give me ideas that I can apply in my professional life.

  • Quanto Science Podcast
  • Throughline (NPR)
  • Making Sense with Sam Harris


Fun facts

I recently moved back to the US from Switzerland! Living abroad for many years as well as the extensive time I’ve spent traveling (often with my cat and dog) has made me grateful for and considerate of people in every walk of life.