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Yi Ping (Y.P) Chan

Yi Ping (Y.P.) Chan

Owner and CEO
Avidian Technologies, Inc.

Chanden, Inc.​

Mr. Y.P. Chan is current a principal at Chanden Inc. focusing on investment and business advisory services primarily in Greater China and the United States. He is also a CEO and owner of Avidian Technologies Inc, a Seattle based CRM software company with 15 years of history. Y.P. has over 20 years of experience in business management, entrepreneurship, investment and education in USA and Greater China. He has management experience in running companies that range from start-ups to be a CEO of an US publicly listed company.  He is a mentor, shareholder & consultant for innovation award winning Seattle start-up engaging on development of nano-imaging products and services winning a NASA contract deploying it in the International Space Station and providing robotic and automation solutions for brain scanning to world class brain research institutes in the USA.  He obtained both his MBA and MSEE degrees from Columbia University under IBM sponsorship. He worked at IBM Poughkeepsie Laboratories as an electrical and computer engineer at his early professional career. He worked at TRW and Honeywell.

He is currently an advisory board member of The University of Washington Bothell School of Business, a Visiting Executive Lecturer in the Darden Business School, an advisory board member of the Albers Center for Global Business at Seattle University, a lecturer at MBA program on “Practical Entrepreneurship and Venture Investing” at Shanghai University, a Practical MBA Mentor at Tianjin University and a Part-Time Professor at Southwest University of Science and Technology in China.

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Y.P. on mentorship

Mentorship is part of YP’s primary focusing on education because meritocracy in education in both China and USA allowed him to go from living below poverty in Hong Kong and New York City to being an CEO of a public listed company in 23 years. He wants to contribute back to next generations in both USA and China.

Y.P. has been involved with mentorship and lecturing for the past 15 years in USA and China. In 2019, he interacted and taught total of about 1,000 students (most of them MBAs), executives, and government officers in four universities and seminars in USA and China.

Some topics I’m excited to mentor students in include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Career planning
  • Doing business in China
  • Value investing
  • Geopolitical, economic and technological rivalry between USA and China

Favorite books

Classical Chinese philosophy and Wisdom

  • Analects of Confucius
  • Tao De Jing by Laozi
  • Principles by Ray Dalio