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Harvey Bendana

Harvey Bendana

Principal Technical Architect

Harvey has 20 years of experience in the infrastructure operations, engineering, architecture, and automation space. He’s worked in the healthcare, public transportation, high end fashion retail, and consumer cloud industries.

Harvey is a strong believer in and practitioner of the DevOps culture and finds joy in helping others discover the art of the possible when it comes to infrastructure at scale.

Outside of work, Harvey immerses himself in baseball, cycling, the great outdoors, sneakers (yes, he’s a sneaker head) and exploring new and different culinary adventures alongside his wife and two children.

Harvey on mentorship

Harvey attributes many of his successes in his academic and professional career to have passionate and empathetic mentors willing to assist and work along side him. He is a strong proponent of mentorship programs and is always willing to lend a helping hand because being a mentor is not only about teaching, but learning from your mentees as well.