Position Descriptions


Executive Council Positions


The chair leads all meetings, collaborates with the Office of Alumni Engagement to set agendas and define council priorities, and acts as the official council representative to departments and organizations, at meetings, in correspondence and at events.


The chair-elect is technically a two-year term; the first year as chair-elect, the second as chair. The chair-elect acts as chair at meetings in the event of an absence and shares the duty of officially representing the council to departments and organizations. This position serves as representative on the UW Bothell Campaing Committee during an active fundraising campaign.

Past Chair

Not an elected position, the past chair is the path of succession for chair. The past chair offers guidance and support to incoming chair and chair-elect.


The secretary takes minutes at all council meetings and sends them to chair for distribution before each meeting. The secretary keeps attendance records to determine voting eligibility, keeps council documents up-to-date, and works closely with the Office of Alumni Engagement and the chair to maintain the council’s Bothell Husky Landing group. This position is also responsible for assisting with election processes.

Fundraising Events Chair

The fundraising events chair acts as council lead for fundraising events, including committee formation, planning and execution. The position’s foremost responsibility is to collaborate closely with the Office of Alumni Engagement to plan and execute the annual Husky 5K.

Awards and Recognition Chair

The awards and recognition chair leads the council’s scholarship award selection process. In cooperation with the director of development operations, the development services officer and the Office of Alumni Engagement, this position convenes a council committee twice yearly to review student applications and select students to receive Alumni Endowed Scholarship awards.

Marketing and Membership Chair

The marketing and membership chair collaborates with the Office of Alumni Engagement to develop and implement strategies for improving the council’s recruitment practices and procedures, and to increase the council’s visibility on social media channels and at alumni events.

Alumni Relations Chair

The alumni relations chair, in coordination with the Office of Alumni Engagement, acts as council representative to UW Bothell’s five schools. This position develops relationships within the campus community and works to establish a culture of alumni engagement with faculty and staff, ensuring alumni are regarded as important resources and ambassadors for/to the University.

At-Large Member

This position does not have any formal leadership commitments. The role can be held by a currently unlimited number of alumni and requires attendance at Council meetings, participation on committees and at events, and an understanding of our role as ambassadors and representatives of the council and the larger alumni community.