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  • Senior Angelina Ly’s success with slime comes in part from learning how to manage teams and predict new technology. The post A passion becomes an accidental profession  appeared first on News.
  • Dr. Jaki Yi examines the model minority myth and its relationship to activism among Asian American students. The post Dispelling the model minority myth  appeared first on News.
  • Got a minute? Take our 60-second tour of the University of Washington Bothell. Get the facts on our educational programs, diverse student body and commitment to sustainability.  The post UW Bothell in 60 seconds appeared first on News.
  • In his latest research, Dr. Dan Jaffe looks to the kitchen as a source for indoor pollution in the home. The post Looking inward for pollution  appeared first on News.
  • Graduate students in the Community Health & Social Justice master’s program take advantage of Legislative Education Day in Olympia to present pressing issues to legislators. The post Influencing public policy that affects public health  appeared first on News.