Faculty Positions Available

For instructions on how to apply for a faculty position, please click on the following link and go to the position description listed under "Faculty Jobs".


Employee Benefits Eligibility

  • Less than 50% FTE may not be eligible for benefits
  • Greater than 50% FTE for two or more quarters may be eligbile for full benefits (medical, dental, retirement, life insurance, etc.)
  • Full-time faculty may be eligible for up to 90 days of sick leave per academic year.
  • For more information on paid sick leave, please consult the Academic Human Resources website.

Benefits to being hired through a competitive recruitment process:

  • Promotional opportunities
           From Lecturer to Senior Lecturer
           From Senior Lecturer to Principle Lecturer
  • May apply for a sabbatical after six full years of employment


Along with teaching responsibilities, full-time faculty:

  • Have service responsibilities
  • Develop new curriculum
  • Serve on committees
  • Attend faculty meetings; participation in governance matters

Research responsibilities

All UW postings require the statement that all UW faculty must engage in teaching, research and service thus all competitively recruited faculty have a research component as part of their work expectations. This is determined between faculty, dean or chair.

Outside Work for Compensation
Annual Activity Report
FAQ’s related to outside work requests

Additional Information

UW Handbook/Faculty Code: Chapter 24. Appointment & Promotion of Faculty Members

UW Seattle Academic Human Resources website

University of Washington faculty employment opportunities

UW Safe Campus

Employee Self Service


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