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APA Formatting Reference Entries Based on Number of Authors

The format of your reference entries will vary based on the number of authors. Apply the guidelines below to your entries as necessary.

One Author

List the last name first, followed by author initials.

Barnes, J. (2006). Quality of social development. Directions in Social Psychology, 11, 7-10.

Two Authors

Use the ampersand (&) instead of "and."

Barnes, J., & Nichols, E. H. (2004). Mood management for schizoaffective disorder
     states. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 66, 1034-1048.

Three to Seven Authors

Commas separate author names.

Barnes, J., Nichols, E.H., Sun, C. R., Berry, A., & Harlow, T. (1993).
     Self-esteem stability. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 65,

More than Seven Authors:

Miller, F. H., Choi, M. J., Angeli, L. L., Harland, A. A., Stamos, J. A.,
     Thomas, S. T., . . . Rubin, L. H. (2009). Web site usability
     for the blind and low-vision user. Technical Communication, 57, 323-335.

Two or More Sources by the Same Author

If you have more than one article by the same author, single-author references or multiple-author references with the exact same authors in the exact same order are listed in order by the year of publication, starting with the earliest.

Weller, S. (2003).

Weller, S. (2007).

Unknown Author

Movers and shakers. (2006, July 31). Newberry Observer, pp. B13, B15.