Student Guide

UW Bothell students in the wetlands

The campus wetlands are a fascinating part of the UWB-CCC campus. Explore below some different ways you can experience the wetlands! Keep in mind that some access to the wetlands is regulated and requires permission. See the information on the Visiting the Wetlands page for more details.

Take a walk!

Take a stroll around the perimeter of the wetland on the regional bicycle / pedestrian trail. Be sure to be careful to watch for fast-moving bikes. From some parts of the paved trail you can see trees that have been taken down by our busy beavers!

Walk down the boardwalk into the interior of the wetlands. Interpretive signs will help you learn about the wetlands and from the end of the boardwalk you can see North Creek. It is a nice place to relax surrounded by nature and recharge before your next class! But remember to respect the natural environment by keeping noise to a minimum, not leaving trash, and not disturbing the plants or animals.

Take a class!

Look for classes that use the wetlands as a living laboratory. There are many science classes that will get you out into the wetlands, but there are other classes in areas of arts, humanities, and education that do this as well. Here is a list of some classes that use the wetlands.

Do a research project!

Interested in really getting your hands dirty and adding to our understanding of the wetlands? Connect with a faculty member and do a research project in the wetlands! Look for a professor whose background and research interests fit with yours. You can explore faculty research interests on the UWB web pages for different academic schools and programs. Talk with those professors about ideas for doing a research project in the wetlands – either as an independent project or possibly as part of their current research. Be sure to also check out more about research possibilities and how to conduct studies in the wetlands in the researcher’s guide.

Looking for more Information about the wetlands?

Browse our searchable Wetlands Electronic Archive that contains over 1,000 photographs licensed under Creative Commons so you may use them for academic purposes (e.g., in a paper). There are also videos about the wetlands and a host of technical documents that cover the design, permitting, construction, and monitoring of the wetlands.