Meet the Team

UW Bothell Herbarium Staff and Lead Volunteers


Tyson Kemper, Herbarium Curator

Tyson is the UW Bothell Lead Gardener and Curator of the Herbarium. He received Bachelor’s Degrees in Botany and English at the University of Washington in Seattle and then a Master’s in Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Idaho. He has worked at the Burke Herbarium, UW Seattle, and the Herbarium at the University of Idaho. 

During the restoration of the UW Bothel/Cascadia College Wetlands, he salvaged a used herbarium cabinet from the consulting firm that surveyed the campus property.  A $2000 score, he just had to store it, and find peolpe to fill it with specimens.

Tyson gets the rare opportunity to work on the facilities team and work directly with students interested in wetlands, botany, and environmental projects.


Sarah Verlinde, Collections ManagerSarah Verlinde at Skagit Delta Marsh

Sarah works in the Office of Research - Bothell as a Program Coordinator, and her favorite project is working in the UW Bothell Herbarium.  She collected specimens as a student of Professor Caren Crandell in 2015, and when her project was finished, she couldn't stop collecting.  Encouraged by the possibility of making the herbarium "functioning and official" she has been working on building the collection, volunteer teams, and networks with external herbarium partners. 

Sarah has a Biology degree from UW Bothell, and works closely with the Washington Native Plant Society.  She enjoys working with students and volunteers and is always willing to help others expand on their plant identifcation skills.



Ashley Shattuck at Skagit Delta MarshAshley Shattuck
UW Bothell Herbarium Lead Volunteer

Ashley has consistently been collecting and leading trips with the UW Bothell Herbarium since 2015. She graduated from UW Bothell, Spring 2015, with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, and a Minor in Restoration Ecology. She works for King County and is a Noxious Weeds Specialist.



christie-caldwell-(1).jpgChristie Caldwell
UW Bothell Herbarium Lead Volunteer

Christie specializes in invertebrate and amphibian biology, making her a valuable contributor to the herbarium team.  She works on an ongoing UW Bothell Wetlands Amphibian Survey (2016-2019) and spends plant collection days traveling with the herbarium team.  She is a Park Ranger for the City of Bellevue, and earned her B.S. in Biology from Bothell in 2016.


If you would like to volunteer or join the team, contact Sarah Verlinde at