Tatianna Manglona, Peer Consultant

Image of Tatianna ManglonaMajor: Educational Studies

Entering college as a nontraditional student (I earned my GED in 2018), I found writing to be quite a daunting task. While some students already had their own process of writing and could bust out a paper like nobody’s business, I struggled to just get a sentence down. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent staring at a blank word document trying to will words onto the screen. As a result, I was a regular visitor to the tutoring center at my previous college, seeking all the possible feedback I could get. And with patience and persistence, writing became less intimidating and more of an avenue for me to share my thoughts.

Having been mentored in the past, I wanted to pay it forward by becoming a tutor. I’m excited to work at the WaCC because I’m passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. Whether you have a penchant for words or dread writing your next paper, I would love to help you find the tools to not only become a stronger, more effective communicator, but also pen something that you feel proud of. However, being a peer consultant is far from a one-way street. As we work together, I look forward to learning from you as well while also sharing my love of writing.

When I’m not on campus, you can find me going for tremendously slow runs, rewatching episodes of “The Golden Girls,” and spending time with my dog, Marti.