Rose O'Connor, Lead Peer Consultant

MFA: Creative Writing and Poetics

B.A. English, Skidmore CollegeRose-O-Connor

I hated third grade. It was boring, and my teacher was annoying. She once spent an hour explaining how we should properly introduce two people (I don’t know if it was actually an hour, but it sure felt like it). Ironically though, it was my third grade teacher who piqued my interest in writing after she complimented a descriptive paragraph I had composed. I quickly became a voracious reader obsessed with stories and, later, storytelling. By the time I reached sixth grade, I had begun writing for fun and started developing a passion for the practice.

Writing has always been the easiest way for me to communicate. I often struggle with verbally articulating my thoughts, but writing serves as a method of thinking through each point and developing relevant evidence. As a result, I’ve found writing to be a more honest and open form of communication. It’ll probably come as no surprise then that my favorite part of writing (and consulting) is the brainstorming phase! I’ve always felt that this part of the writing process is the most rewarding, when nebulous ideas start to form into coherent points and a piece truly begins to take shape. It’s easy to become excited about an assignment when in the planning stage because the work starts to feel tangible and attainable. So, if you’re struggling to work out how to get a paper started or if you’re worried your ideas aren’t clear, hit me up and let’s chat!

Writing, and the teaching of writing, have since become my career goal, and I hope to one day teach at the college level. In order to realize this goal, I have become part of UW Bothell’s Creative Writing and Poetics MFA Program. As a result, I spend a lot of late nights staring at blank Word docs while being stared at by my dog, Rue, because either she’s forgotten I fed her dinner or she’s hoping I’ve forgotten.