Raelynne Woo, Peer Consultant

Image of Raelynne WooMFA Creative Writing and Poetics

Language arts and writing intimidated me back when I was in high school. Writing essays were difficult for me because reading the literature I was supposed to write about was already challenging enough and the teachers emphasized perfection. The grammar had to be perfect and there was a lot of pressure to write something that sounded “smart enough” for the teachers to give my paper a good grade. Writing assignments for school took the fun out of the writing process.

Writing was a field I never thought about pursuing until my freshman year at university. After taking some classes where I did more writing, I discovered that it was becoming my strength. When I began majoring in creative writing, I rediscovered my passion for writing, especially with writing poetry. The poetry I wrote about include themes on my experience being a reserved, introverted person and my identity being Asian American. My writing classes showed me that writing takes time, patience, and doesn’t always need to be perfect on its first draft.

What I like about being a writing consultant is helping and collaborating with students to make them feel more confident in their writing abilities. What I like about writing is that we get the opportunity to think about what we want to say and communicate that to others in an effective way. In my free time I like to read, write, dance, watch movies and play games with my family and friends.