Rachel Kudlacz, Peer Consultant

Major: Community PsychologyRachel-Kudlacz

I annotate everything; from books to class notes to even my own journal entries. Words become alive when I engage intimately with text; this exchange becomes a conversation between the author and I or my past self. I find this process therapeutic and enticing, as it calls me to dive deep into the roots of who I am and invites me to explore ideas of what could be. Without it I find it hard to focus, more difficult to keep track of what is relevant or what feels important. 

Unlike a lot of creative writers, I don’t like expressing myself in long essays or prose. I prefer to break down all the components that contribute to and make up everything; to explore all the possible ways to express this complexity in depth. Instead of getting caught up in the technicalities, I believe that it is important to first recognize and celebrate the perspectives that everyone brings. The intersectionality of our identities and experiences create an optimal space for growth and connection. 

I enjoy helping students grapple with an idea in the early stages of the writing process and guiding them through the later steps of analysis and reflection. I’m passionate about helping them learn to make connections themselves, so that they can cultivate skills to better communicating their passions and findings. 

This is why I love working here; I get to help people realize their strengths and find confidence in who they are and the ideas they have to communicate.