Mina Haines, Peer Consultant

Image of Mina HainesMajor: Business and Marketing

Writing started as a tedious task given to me by my teachers. I struggled with transitions and my conclusions, which discouraged me from pursuing more writing opportunities. I always enjoyed writing, but thought I wasn’t an efficient or effective writer. I always asked my teachers if there were extra credit opportunities that could help me improve my writing. I practiced writing essays over and over and I saw the progress I was making. Teachers would leave comments saying, “I see the improvement!” which encouraged me to write even more. After a while, I started to enjoy the process of writing after seeing how I improved over time.

Once I graduated high school, I began to pursue more writing opportunities. I also started writing my own songs, posting on blogs, writing a horror novel, and even starting my own script for a film. I am currently a Business Marketing major and hope to become an elite businesswoman who wears pantsuits to work and has my assistant bring me coffee in the morning. If that career path doesn’t pan out, my second option would be to become a journalist for a major news network and eventually host my own nightly TV show.

I take part in many different forms of expression. I am a musician, an actress and a fashion model, outside of school. All of these forms of art lead back to my ability to write effectively and efficiently. I am constantly surrounded by different forms of writing, whether it be script writing, fashion design documents, or sheets of music. These are all different styles of writing, but they lead back to my innate sense of creativity and ability to craft stories and articles that are coherent and meaningful. My outgoing personality, writing skills, and innate response to care for others led me to the wonderful world of the WaCC! Let me assist you in your journey through life… Or I can just help you with an essay...