Melinda Sandstedt, Peer Consultant

Major: Global StudiesMelinda-Sandstedt.jpg

To me, writing is cathartic. Putting pen to paper can be thought of as organizing the disjointed and abstract thoughts that come to mind. My instinct is to find words for them, to make sense of them. They’ll often just be phrases, images, or seemingly random combinations of words, but these are often the sparks that set off something much greater, be it a poem, a narrative, or the opening line of a research paper. This collecting of ideas is my favorite part of the writing process – it’s freeing because it doesn’t have to be good. I can revise and refine later, but these initial thoughts, these scraps of language, often form the core of a piece of writing.

You may feel discouraged if your writing isn’t good immediately. It can be difficult to move past the beginning stages and start honing and organizing your ideas – or even to get started at all. Writing isn’t always straightforward; it’s a process that requires time, effort, and patience. Sometimes, having a collaborator can be the key to bringing your ideas into fruition and ensuring that your message is being communicated clearly and effectively.

I’m looking forward to helping you work through any step of the writing process, be it brainstorming for ideas or adding the finishing touches. As a peer consultant, it’s my goal to help you build confidence in your writing.