Luke Scott, Peer Consultant

Image of Luke ScottMajor: Law, Economics, and Public Policy & Community Psychology

As soon as I was literate, I was in love with reading, with writing, with the stories that were within me and with the stories that were born from all those who surrounded me. Writing is, at its core, an attempt made by one existence to share it’s experience with another. Whether it be persuasive or theatrical or informative or funny, the written word is a universally binding agent that connects you and I together- even if the two of us have never met, even when we are worlds apart.

My favorite reads are philosophical, and most of them are existential. Camus and Sartre stand out as having an especially bold influence on my life; from them I have gathered that the meaning of life in a universe inherently devoid of meaning is to create something that does matter, even if only to oneself; that is, to create meaning in the void. Beyond philosophy, I read a good amount of Stephen King, Orwell, and Hitchens.

On campus, I’m a double major studying law and psychology, I’m captain of the Speech and Debate Team, and I’m working with a small group of LGBTQ+ students to re-establish Pride Alliance here at UWB. As an openly queer and transgender student, much of my activism and natural orientation towards community building is heavily informed by my own lived experience. It is this same experience, among other influences, that have driven me towards a career as a public defender in the future.

For fun, I enjoy working on my 2004 Subaru Forester and bodybuilding, the latter of which I’ve been involved with for nearly 6 years. I also play a few instruments and write music, mostly guitar. One day, I’d love to write a book or two.

In the meantime, I intend to bring the full breadth of my many lived experiences as a queer and transgender student, as a self-taught musician, as a bodybuilder and a car guy and an avid collector of books that will not be read for another couple years- as all of these things and as all of their confluences- to the Writing and Communication Center, so that I may learn from and with all of you.