Krishann Amaratunge, Peer Consultant

Major: BusinessKrishann-Amaratunge

For the longest time I wasn’t the biggest fan of writing. Up until college I found it very frustrating and didn’t understand why I needed to do it. Once I started writing in college, my mindset completely changed. For the first time I felt like there was a purpose to my writing. This made it not only easier for me to write, but also more enjoyable. I began to see the purpose of my writing as solving a problem. The problem was whatever the prompt was asking me to do and, whether this was a research paper or something like a business memo. As a problem solver this made me realize the importance of writing as a problem-solving tool.

Sharing my writing with others is something that can be very nerve-wracking and intimidating for me. I also believe though that it can be one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your writing. When you share your writing with others there are an infinite number of ideas and suggestions you could receive that you might have never thought of. It is easy to feel stuck and stay in the same place with your writing which is where collaboration becomes key. When we share our writing with others not only do we benefit from their feedback, but whoever is reading your work can also benefit. A large part of why I enjoy helping others at the WaCC is because I feel like I can learn a lot from everyone I help.