Jesse Blaire, Peer Consultant

Majors: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior & Law, Economics, and Public Policy 
Minor: Human RightsPicture of Jesse

My relationship with writing has been a rollercoaster since grade school. I once loved to bend and twist words into some creative masterpiece - or so my 10-year-old brain thought - but as I aged into high school and writing became only a means to an end, my love for it fell away. Now, many years later as a nontraditional college student, I have been reinvigorated to reclaim that love by not only answering a given prompt but also by finding some crazy, flamboyant, off-the-wall way of doing it. This came out of the painstaking process I’m sure we are all familiar with, the dreaded essay outline. Connecting the main pieces of an argument can be such a bore! So if I rushed to connect those points, some of my papers would just be as dry as the Sahara. But, I found that I would score higher on papers that I took creative liberties with - like starting sentences with conjunctions and dropping these lovely em dashes -  because that meant I had spent more time with it, and maybe, just maybe, I had entertained the reader along the way. 

And now for some serious. As a transmasculine, gender nonbinary person who uses they/them pronouns, I aim to advocate for everyone around me and appreciate the same respect. Being an interdisciplinary student of social justice, I am constantly learning of the many issues our incredibly diverse world is faced with through a blend of disciplines. This blended understanding of the world, I believe, positively adds to my adaptability and creativity, and I hope to use this knowledge to provide a welcoming, supportive, and fun environment for all. 

While I hope that you’ll be entertained by my quirks if I have the chance to work with you, I am most excited by the give-and-take of our future collaboration. The writing process can be a fun one but this is solely due to the fact two heads are better than one. And if you’ve heard of Paulo Freire, collaboration is central to the spirit of learning. So let’s get to collaborating!