Jeff Liao, Peer Consultant

Major: Business Administration in Marketing Managementjeff-Jeff-Liao-web.jpg

When writing an essay of any sort, I do my best to open with an explosive, interesting and if possible, funny intro. That being said, did you notice the small Yoda quote at the beginning of my biography?

There isn’t actually one, but I made you look anyway, didn’t I? Jokes and Yoda aside, I am currently a Business Administration major with a concentration in Management. You can find me on campus housing as a Resident Advisor but also here at the WaCC as a peer writing consultant!

My core principle in writing is to make it fun and engaging. Even those long winded research papers written by scientists have an occasional pun or two hidden in their paragraphs! With this in mind, I believe that even the most mundane of topics can be communicated in a way that is interesting and humorous. Teaching someone is one thing, but being able to teach them as well as make them smile at the same time? That’s the 6th dimension of communication right there.

I am more than happy to help you make it to the finish line with your paper. My goal is to make sure that I accomplish that task in that fun and engaging way I apply to my own writing.

“Do or do not, there is no try.” – Abraham Lincoln (probably)