Ethan Yamashita, Peer Consultant

Major: Applied ComputingEthan-web

Writing is the scaffold of my thoughts, my struggles, and my joy. I use my journals to deconstruct the world around me. In particular, I spent one whole year investing more deeply in writing through daily journaling. Every day, I would record a new lesson or a new highlight that I would cherish looking back on. I engaged in daily journaling because my memory is limited, but perhaps my journals and my reflections will one day outlive me. My reflections made me realize that writing is an intimate dialogue with myself to understand who I am and what I want to express.

Even though I am the writer of my story, I still need people to clarify my thoughts and introduce new ideas. Personally, I believe my journals are only special because I had the opportunity to listen to the incredible stories of my friends and family.  Here at the Writing Center, I also want to be a listener and understand the implicit stories within each assignment that students come to share. They are not mine to tell, but each piece of writing has meaning to the students in some capacity, and so I always want to help in whatever way that I can.