Anna Mishkova, Peer Consultant

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English is not my first language, but it is my favorite. Writing, and language are abstract and fluid. Language is always evolving, changing with every zeitgeist. Writing is a marker of history, and a marker of people. When I first learned to read and write in English, I was enamored with the language; it was nuanced and full of variety. Writing translates our ideas about the world onto paper; it expresses thoughts, ideas, and emotions that cannot be adequately expressed by any other means. Writing can connect with people, change minds, resonate with the soul, and stir the heart. Writing can paint pictures in the mind, and leaves all sorts of impressions lasting longer than memories. Writing can be expressive, idiosyncratic, technical, or anything in between.  Writing is a legacy in and of itself, that can live on longer than its creator.

Writing is such a fun process, with tons of mistakes, drafts, and rewrites. Throughout it all, things gradually become clearer, and every draft reveals something new. There are layers to it, and nobody’s process is exactly the same. Writing has such a unique appeal due to the fact that it is so universally applicable. When I was younger, writing allowed me to explore my creative side, and voice my opinions. Now, writing has become a useful tool in helping me organize my thoughts. Writing will always be important to me, because it gave me a space to express my ideas. I always enjoy getting to work out the details of a person’s writing, and I love that I am able to talk about writing so often.  Work as a peer consultant is special because there is growth on both sides. I have found that I can learn a lot from my peers, and in turn I hope to help my peers become more confident writers. I am excited to grow as a writer alongside my peers in this role.