Adrienne Co, Peer Consultant

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There is so much flexibility and personality that you can infuse into your writing to transform it into much more than just a dumping ground of thoughts. From the more commonly demanded academic papers to expressive creative pieces, your writing is capable of projecting your voice across all fields and genres. By constructing a short story or jotting down spontaneous ideas, those elusive thoughts transform into an embodied voice. Be it an essay or a quick note, not all of these thoughts are always shared.

For the accumulation, development, and refinement of thoughts that are to be read, heard, and shared, the process of writing them down can somehow become complex and worrying. The stress of dealing with a block in your progress doesn't have to be dealt with alone. If the piece of writing is to be shared as a final product, I find that the most effective way to improve it is by sharing and collaborating with others throughout the process. Though optional, such collaboration is valuable when it comes to building your foundation to continuously grow as a writer and communicator of your thoughts.