Building Dashboard

Resource Conservation

Building Dashboard

University of Washington Bothell Facilities Services strives to use technological advancements to the fullest extent across the entire campus, including Cascadia College. That is why at UWB / CC, we have implemented a live, energy and resource monitoring system for all of our main-campus buildings. The system, designed and built by Lucid Design Group, is helping our building operators to make the most informed decisions about how we manage space and resource consumption on campus. Below, you will find a navigable snapshot of our dashboard, as well as certain examples of why this sort of technology allows us to save on resource consumption, as well as on our utility costs.



CC3 incorporates many innovative sustainable elements and has achieved LEED Platinum. Selecting durable, easily maintainable, and locally-sourced materials and limiting the quantity where possible was part of the project's sustainable goals. For the exterior, the brick veneer and recycled content metal siding were used where needed and concrete sheer walls were left mostly exposed. These materials were selected to serve as both a connection to the existing campus buildings while also creating a distinct modern structure.

Below, as part of our Building Dashboard network, you can see live energy and resource from CC3. You may also view the entire campus portfolio, including live electricity, water, and natural gas use for each building, as well as electricity output for our three solar-photovoltaic installations, by following this link.