CCUWBee Research Initiative

CCUWBee Members Surveying Bees at the Cascadia Pollinator BedIn spring of 2017 the CCUWBee Research Initiative was created, with focus on supporting pollinator populations across campus. We survey the pollinators weekly from early spring to late fall, gathering diversity and abundance data for the bees on campus. From Mason Bees, to Wool Carder, Bumble Bees to Honey Bees, we study them all.

We are working to create a library archive which will host our photos and findings for others to use in their own research. Visit our website to learn more little known facts about bees!

All UW Bothell and Cascadia students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in the monitoring efforts. We welcome volunteers, as well as independent study students (upon approval). The goal of this project is to better understand how the shared Cascadia/UW Bothell campus can support our native pollinator species.

Interested in the data or beeing involved? Contact Alexa Russo, Sustainability Coordinator.

Check out photos of the bees we've found on our campus!

Bombus vosnesenskii (Bumble Bee) approaching a flower    Apis mellifera (Honey Bee) on a flower

Bombus californicus (Bumble Bee) on a flower    Two Bombus (Bumble Bees) on a flower