Get Involved

Get Involved

Whether you are a student, staff or faculty member, there are endless possibilities for ways for you to get involved in sustainability on campus. Our goal is to inspire you to make sustainable shifts in your practices to create positive change in the world. Individual action makes a difference for the collective whole. 

Sustainability for all

Sustainability is not inherently an environmental subject, and we like to help you connect sustainability to your life and interests. Sustainability connects to a wide array of interdisciplinary subjects, from economics to teaching and wellness, there is something for everyone to engage with. 

If you are interested in research, internships, or project opportunities or if you would like to learn more about our work, contact the Sustainability Office. 

Potential Involvement Benefits: 

  • Boost your resume
  • Connect with the local community 
  • Earn credit through internships and CBLR
  • Initiate/join sustainability projects
  • Work with experts
  • Build up citable volunteer work

Below you will find some of the wide array opportunities for you to plug into! We are always looking for other ways to engage, so contact us to propose new ideas!

 CCUWBee Research Initiative

Bee Researcher, Jordan Fette taking photos of the bees


UW Bothell Sustainability Club taking a tour of the wetlands.jpg      

Campus Farm

Campus Farm from above    

Earth Week

UW Bothell Sustainability Office making a pledge to their pledge board at the 2017 Sustainability Festival   

Community Based Learning & Research Internships

Sustainability Coordinator, Alexa Russo works with CBLR student in the Sustainability Office  


Students Volunteering on the Farm