Emergency Management Partnership

Sustainability & Emergency Management Partners

With Climate Change looming upon us, we continue to see an increase in severity and frequency of natural disasters not only in our area, but in the world. From forest fires to large-scale snow/rain events and earthquakes, the impacts are much greater than we are used to. People are unprepared, and often left without basic resources such as food, water, and power when these disasters hit. Snowmageddon 2019 was a prime example of this; Governor Inslee declared a State of Emergency, the shelves were emptied, and many were left without food.

Partnership & Community

This is why the UW Bothell Sustainability Office and Emergency Management have partnered to educate and prepare the campus community for the next big disaster. Through Community Emergency Response Team Training (CERT), we educate the community on how being sustainable in your every day life helps to better equip you for the aftermath of a disaster, and how being a trained responder in these events helps to build community.

Sustainability & Preparedness

Sustainable Tips for preparing for a natural disaster:

Living sustainably helps prepare you for such events, through conserving resources and decreasing dependency on infrastructure that might not be there post-disaster.  

  • Solar/LED – lanterns, chargers
  • Growing your own garden
  • Preserving/canning your own foods
  • Being careful about food waste
  • Soy/Bees Wax Candles
  • Cloth towels

Preparedness in the woods:

Hiking and camping are popular pastimes here in the Pacific Northwest, and many don’t go into the woods prepared for emergencies outdoors.  

  1. Navigation
  2. Headlamp - solar charged/rechargable battery-powered headlamp is a plus
  3. Sun protection
  4. First Aid
  5. Knife
  6. Fire
  7. Shelter
  8. Extra Food
  9. Extra Water
  10. Extra Clothes
  • Reusable handwarmers
  • Keeping a handkerchief on your person – a versatile resource for first aid, nose wiping, warmth, etc.
  • Reusable water bottle with a water filter
  • DEET free insect repellants