Very little of what is thrown away on campus actually belongs in the landfill. The MiniMax program has been adopted to make waste sorting easier for building occupants, reduce landfill waste, and allow custodial staff to spend more time on essential cleaning tasks. The UW Bothell Sustainability Office works with building coordinators, occupants, and custodial staff to ensure that containers are accessible and consistent. 

Offices & Workstations 

Desk-side garbage bins in individual offices and workstations have self-service MiniMax containers consisting of a blue recycling bin, with an attached 3-quart black or grey landfill bin. Both promote personal responsibility for waste generation. Staff are responsible for emptying their containers into the centrally-located recycling and landfill bins.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I'm on the MiniMax program at my desk, but what do we do with compost? 

In all leased spaces, we are not permitted to have compost, due to logistical snags; therefore all compost has to be disposed of in your landfill bin, or collected and brought to a centralized bin in a main-campus building. 

Why are desk-side MiniMax bins unlined? 

This reduces the number of plastic bags in te waste stream and the expense of plastic liners. 

Why is the MiniMax landfill bin so small? 

The small landfill bin will typically suffice, because most office waste is able to be recycled. Common items that do belong in the landfill are wrappers and chip bags. If you are unsure of how to sort your waste, please see our landfill and recycling sorting guides. 

Where do I empty my desk-side MiniMax bins? 

When your bins are full, empty them into centralized recycling and landfill (garbage) bins. 

When am I going to find time to empty my desk-side bins? 

Many people are surprised how infrequently they need to empty their bins. Do so whenever you need a break from teh computer in accordance with recommended ergonomics guidelines

What happened to the old landfill bin under my desk? 

Depending on the size and design, outdated desk-side bins are either reused elsewhere on campus, resold via UW Surplus, or recycled.