Professor Warren Gold reviewing field notes with students in the wetlandsBelow, you will find a few examples of the research happening at UW Bothell that focuses on or relates to environmental sustainability. With the North Creek wetland restoration project on campus, we have a very unique ability to use our campus as a living laboratory, using research performed by our faculty and students to drive better management practices on campus.

Are you performing research related to sustainability? Whether you are a faculty member or a student, we would love to hear about it. Feel free to contact the Sustainability Office to organize a profile of your research.

Dr. Warren Gold, IAS associate professor and director of UW Restoration Ecology Network, discusses his lab and field research on nonvascular plants that coat the surface of the soil and play vital roles in the Alpine ecosystems of the North Central Washington Cascades. Understanding these cryptobiotic crusts (i.e., lichens, mosses, fungi) - and how plants are affected by them - can lead to reestablishing damaged habitats. Dr. Gold also discusses his fascination with the Black Lily (a.k.a. "Indian Rice Root"). (21 min., 16 sec.) 

Professor Dan Jaffe talks about his work in environmental science including his groundbreaking and internationally recognized research in global and regional air pollution. (19 min., 2 sec.)

Dr. Martha Groom, professor of ecology and conservation biology, discusses her research into ways to develop sustainable livelihoods for both human and wildlife populations. Of special interest are the effects of growing Puerto Rican coffee in shade vs. sunshine on bird, insect and lizard communities and the advantages/disadvantages of fertilizer and pesticide use on Nicaraguan coffee cultivation. (11 min., 39 sec.)