Veterans Services


What do I need to receive my VA Educational Benefits at UWB?

Whether you are considering attending UWB or have been admitted, you are encouraged to contact Veterans Services as soon as possible. We will provide you with VA forms that you may need to complete and provide you with information on how your benefits are processed and will be received.

Do I need to complete any forms on a quarterly basis to have my enrollment certified to the VA?

No. At this time, once a file has been created for you with all the appropriate documents and forms, Veterans Services will automatically certify your enrollment to the VA on a quarterly basis. Under new certification regulations, this will be done once tuition charges for the quarter have been posted. You will receive an email confirmation once your enrollment has been certified. If you DO NOT want to utilize your benefits for any particular quarter, it is your responsibility to inform Rosa J. Liu (email ahead of time.

What is the WA state tuition reduction & waiver plans for veterans?

The State of Washington has a tuition reduction and waiver program in place for veterans and their families. Qualified veterans may receive a 50% discount on their tuition. Eligible spouses and children of disabled or deceased veterans may receive a waiver of tuition fees. If you believe that you qualify for these programs, please review the tuition reduction information or waiver plan information on our website.

I am receiving benefits under the new GI Bill (Post 9/11, Ch. 33). My account shows that I still owe tuition and fees. Should I pay this bill?

No. The VA is responsible for paying tuition and fees up to the percentage for which you have been approved. They will be paying UWB directly. Students receiving Ch. 33  benefits are coded in the UW system so that you are not penalized for late tuition. You will also not receive holds on your registration if your tuition has not been paid. If you receive such a notice, please notify Rosa J. Liu (email to have the hold removed.

Please do not be tempted to pay your tuition bill. This could create potential accounting problems with the VA that could take a considerable amount of time to resolve.

Can I use the State Tuition Reduction plan in conjunction with the new GI Bill?

Yes, but you may not need to. If you qualify for the Ch. 33 at 100%, the VA will pay ALL tuition and fees directly to UWB. Therefore, you will not have a tuition balance and the reduction would not be needed. However, if you qualified at less than 100%, there will be a tuition balance that will need to be paid. UWB will apply the reduction prior to reporting tuition to the VA. The VA will pay their percentage of the reported post-reduction balance. The much reduced balance will then be the responsibility of the student veteran.

What happens if I need to withdraw or be re-admitted? 

You may apply to return using the Returning Student Application. The returning student application fee will be waived. Registration will be permitted beginning Registration Period I. If you are called to active military duty during a quarter in which you are registered, you may request to be withdrawn or request to receive credit or grades. Note: The Military withdrawal Policy does not apply to students who voluntarily enlist.

Is there campus support for adjustment issues?

Yes, our Student Veterans Association (SVA) is here to assist. Comprised of fellow veterans, they are ready to walk you through any questions that you may have. Please contact Veterans Services (email Rosa J. Liu at if you would like to connect with other vets on campus.

Readjustment is the process of transition from military service back to civilian life, of understanding what is expected in civilian life, and how that differs from the military experience.