Student Employment

Applications are Closed!

For more information about the different positions, please visit the specific department's websites. Students can review the hiring process steps below and contact the department directly for additional questions.

Hiring Process

Due date Events
March 20, 2020 Applications available via Husky Hires or Interfolio
April 17 Applications due at 8:59pm

April 17-May 6

Hiring Managers will review applications, schedule and conduct interview(s)
May 8 Hiring Managers meet to make selection decisions and email offer letters to selected students
May 15 Deadline for students to accept position

*Due to COVID-19 Activities and Recreation Center, Recreation & Wellness, Career, Health and Wellness Resource Center, and Student Engagement & Activities have altered their timeline, please see their adjusted timeline below:

Due Date Events
March 20

Applications available via Husky Hires or Interfolio

May 8 Applications due at 8:59pm
May 11-28 Hiring Managers will review applications, schedule and conduct interview(s)
May 29 Hiring Managers meet to make selection decisions and email offer letters to selected students
June 6 Deadline for students to accept position

Activities & Recreation Center (ARC)

A/V Tech Crew 

Application Closed

The ARC A/V Tech Crew will support events in the ARC and elsewhere on campus with technical support setting up, running, and tearing down sound and lighting equipment. Prior experience with audio/video equipment encouraged and/or ability and enthusiasm to learn. This position requires an ability to work independently and within teams, as well as an ability to adapt quickly to ensure the technical aspects of events run smoothly. Open to Cascadia and UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

ARC Building Manager

Application Closed

The Building Manager acts as a paraprofessional and is responsible for maintaining the facilities and operations of the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) when the professional staff is not on site. Under the supervision of the Director and Assistant Director of the ARC, the Building Manager is an essential part of the team that assists with ensuring ARC patrons and student staff are upholding policies and procedures. The Building Manager also ensures safety and security within the building as well as act as a mentor and leader to other ARC student employees. Previous leadership experience preferred, but not required. Open to Cascadia and UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

ARC Front Desks

Application Closed

Within the Activities and Recreation Center, the Front Desk staff supports events and activities within the facility. The staff in this role support the ARC, events that take place in the ARC, provide excellent customer service and assist in the day-to-day operations of the fitness center.  Open to Cascadia and UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Career Services

Assistant Career Advisers (ACA)

Application Closed

Each Assistant Career Adviser (ACA) serves as a primary contact for students using Career Services by providing career advising to UW Bothell peers and assisting with program planning, marketing, and implementation. To keep up with the growing demand for connecting students to jobs, internships, and other professional growth opportunities, we rely on these student employees to do the majority of the resume review, cover letter review, LinkedIn review, and mock interview appointments. ACAs also assist in classroom presentations, workshops, and events held throughout the year, such as our Career Fairs in fall and spring quarter. Open to UW Bothell Students until May 8th @ 8:59 pm.

Student Outreach Coordinator (SOC)

Application Closed

The Student Outreach Coordinator (SOC) will work with the Employer Relations Team to increase connections between student organizations and Career Services. This includes providing guidance to student organizations in planning career-related events and helping clubs to develop and cultivate a relationship with Career Services. The SOC will assist in supporting career fairs, information sessions, and on-campus recruiting to give students as many touch-points with employers as possible. This position will also assist Career Services in marketing events to all students and will manage the Career Services Instagram page.

Disability Resource for Students (DRS)

Student Assistant

Application Closed

Disability resources for Students recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to our campus community. DRS staff, including student assistants, are committed to ensuring access to a quality higher education experience for a diverse student population. This position supports alternative testing arrangements by facilitating communication between students and faculty, maintaining a busy scheduling calendar, proctoring exams, assisting students and faculty navigate UW's myDRS online system, training and tracking special equipment users, troubleshooting problems, and ensuring excellent customer service, efficient administrative function, and strict confidentiality protection in a fast-paced office environment. This position requires a strong oral and written communication skills, ability to work both independently and as a part of a team, capacity to remain calm and compassionate while enforcing policies, and flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Open to all UW students until April 17 @8:59 pm.

Health and Wellness Resource Center (HaWRC)

Health Educators Reaching Out (HEROs)

Application Closed

The Health Educators Reaching Out (HEROs) are peer health educators for the UW Bothell and Cascadia College campus. HEROs are trained Certified Peer Educators who conduct health promotion and prevention activities that address sexual health, interpersonal violence, mental health, and other priority health needs of the campus. HEROs will contribute to social change work in their community while developing professional skills around leadership, facilitation, program planning, assessment, communication, and more. UW Bothell and Cascadia students with experience in and/or commitment to public health, health education, health promotion, health equity, and social justice are encouraged to apply. Open to UW Bothell and Cascadia students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Recreation & Wellness (Rec & Well)

Fitness Instructors

Application Closed

Fitness Instructors will help educate students about the campus fitness center, teach fitness classes, and market fitness programs. Possible class formats include cardio (kickboxing, cycle), mind/body (yoga, pilates), strength training, dance/Zumba and other sport conditioning formats. Fitness instructors promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for participants of all fitness levels. Open to Cascadia and UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Intramural Staff

Application Closed

Intramural Staff oversee the Intramural Sports program by supervising and officiating (refereeing) all organized sports and activities. No officiating experience needed. They participate in officiating a variety of sports, leading captains’ meetings, program promotions, and peer evaluations. They are responsible for on-site risk management, enforcement of all departmental policies, and provide on-going constructive feedback for participant and program improvement. Staff must be able to implement policies and playing rules in order to maintain an appropriate level of control, fairness and safety. Accepting applications for positions of Student Official, Student Supervisor, and Student Intern. Student officials focus on officiating, overall game management, and hosting programmatic events. Student Supervisor focus on overseeing league games and/or events, supporting officials, and addressing participate concerns. Student Intern assist the Program Manager with administrative duties as well as facility oversight during league games and/or events. Open to UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Outdoor Wellness Leaders (OWLs)

Application Closed

OWLs develop, market, co-lead, and facilitate campus events, day trips, and overnight outdoor adventures for the Outdoor Wellness Program. They also work to maintain gear, and conduct inventories with the Nest Outdoor Gear Shop. Outdoor Wellness is dedicated to creating inclusive and welcoming outdoor programs for all UWB and CC students. Leaders will be trained in CPR/AED, Wilderness First Aid and various outdoor-related technical skills. OWLs will also have access to additional professional development trainings and opportunities throughout the year. Applicants should have an appreciation for the outdoors and be willing to spend an extended amount of time outside. No formal certifications or previous professional training is required. Applicants must have a current driver’s license and qualify to drive for UWB or CC. Open to UWB and Cascadia students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Student Affairs

Media, Marketing, and Graphic Designers (MMGD's)

Application Closed

This is DIFFERENT than the media marketing (CEB). Media, Marketing, and Graphic Designers (MMGD’s) are responsible for the design and production of online and printed publications and posters for many units in the Division of Student Affairs and affiliate programs. An MMGD’s job is to successfully advertise an on-campus event or student resource to the student body through graphic and visual design. MMGD’s produce, publish, print, and distribute the BS Times. The successful candidates will have some personal or professional experience in graphic design and/or video production. Those with knowledge in UI and UX are encouraged to apply. Open to all UW Bothell students until April 17 @8:59 pm.

Student Engagement & Activities (SEA)

Campus Events Board

Application Closed

Campus Events Board (CEB), as part of the Student Engagement & Activities (SEA) department, plans a wide variety of large-scale events year-round to create positive, unique, and fun student experiences at UW Bothell. CEB events include: ARC Carnival, Spooktacular, SpringFest, Casino Night, dances, concerts, movie nights, comedy shows, high-profile speakers, and more. CEB is the primary student-led programming board and an event planning resource on campus; they carry out inclusive, educational, and social events demonstrating the values of: collaboration, inclusion, and creativity. The CEB student team works together and also partners with other departments, student organizations, and vendors to plan, host, and promote meaningful and memorable events for all students. CEB has the following positions: three event planners (Social Issues & Awareness, Entertainment, Special Events & Traditions Programmers), one Public Relations Coordinator, one Chair, and one Marketing & Graphic Designer. Open to UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Marketing & Graphic Designer (for CEB)

Application Closed

The Marketing & Graphic Designer for Campus Events Board (CEB) develops, designs, and distributes digital and print promotional materials for CEB, including: posters, flyers, banners,  and social media images. This team member is responsible for CEB event marketing efforts, supports CEB public relations and branding, and actively involved all CEB program coordination through the Fall, Winter, and Spring academic quarters. Open to UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Club Council

Application Closed

Club Council members support, fund, program, and provide resources for all of the clubs at UW Bothell. They collaborate with club officers and members, coordinate multiple daily administrative tasks, advise on policy and funding decisions, provide ongoing officer trainings, support club programs, plan large events for clubs, and develop resources to improve the club experience. Open to UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Husky Herald

Application Closed

The Husky Herald is the UWB student newspaper publication. Students involved have the opportunity to get hands on experience in interviewing, reporting, article writing/editing, and publishing issues for campus. Students will also gain valuable experience in working with off-campus vendors, collaborating with other student groups and departments, marketing, recruiting, and hosting events throughout the year on campus. Student work that is created as part of Student Media is professionally produced and circulated throughout the UW Bothell community. Husky Herald also collaborates with the other Student Media organizations, Clamor and UWave Radio. Open to UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Social Justice Organizers (SJO)

Application Closed

The Social Justice Organizers (SJO) team plans and facilitates bi-weekly programs and workshops for students, faculty, staff, and community members to come together and deepen our collective understanding of topics related to diversity, social justice, and identity. The SJOs are passionate about equity and social justice, and are dedicated to promoting a community of inclusion on campus by creating space for folks to engage in dialogue. Experience in event planning, dialogue facilitation, and organizing is welcome but not required. Open to UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Project Assistants

Application Closed

The Student Project Assistants will provide administrative support for the Student Engagement & Activities department. Duties will include providing superior customer service to students and staff, data entry, filing, responding to emails, making copies, supporting events/programs and awards ceremonies, marketing, creating and hanging posters, supporting student organizations, and general office work. Student Project Assistants will also be trained on Presence, financial systems, website development, and other software systems as needed. Open to UW Bothell students until April 17 @8:59 pm.

UWave Radio

Application Closed

UWave Radio is the UWB student 24/hr radio streaming. Students involved in UWave Radio have the opportunity to get hands on experience in interviewing, reporting, broadcasting,  audio editing, managing a radio station, and learn how to use broadcasting equipment. Students will also gain valuable experience in working with off-campus vendors, collaborating with other student groups, marketing, and hosting events throughout the year on campus. Student work that is created as part of Student Media is professionally produced and circulated throughout the UW Bothell community. UWave Radio also collaborates with the other Student Media organizations, Clamor and Husky HeraldOpen to UW Bothell students until May 8th @8:59 pm.

Other Great Opportunies outside of Division of Student Affairs

Achieving Community Transformation (ACT) Service Lead

Application Closed

Achieving Community Transformation (ACT) leads work as a team to promote and aid in creating a campus climate and culture of service-learning, civic engagement and social justice. ACT leads plan events, programs, and service projects that promote inclusivity. These include, MLK Programming, Alternative Spring Break, Voter Registration, Census Programs, and Equity Workshops, etc. In planning these service and civic engagement events, ACT leads collaborate with community organizations in the local and greater Seattle area, in addition to internal departments/organizations at UW Bothell and Cascadia College. We are looking for students who are passionate about civic engagement and social justice. Experience in event planning, facilitation, and organizing is welcome but not required. ACT is located in UW1 in the Student Success Center under the Office of Community Based Learning and Research. Additional application materials may be required upon request. Open to UW Bothell students until April 17 @8:59 pm.

Diversity Center

Peer Navigators (Student Assistants)

Application Closed

The Diversity Center Student Assistants will serve as the first point of contact for students and others seeking assistance from the Center and will serve as representatives of the student diversity center. In addition to greeting, assisting, scheduling rooms, and providing information to students and guests, the employee will also provide general office support for the professional staff members in the Center. Student Assistants will also play a key role in networking, collaborating, and researching the opportunities, resources, and services offered on campus and in the community in terms of serving and developing programs and support services for minoritized students, and programs and opportunities with a social justice, equity, and inclusion focus. The Student Assistants will conduct Focus Groups, Surveys, and Forums to gain information regarding campus input for the center in terms of services, programs, naming, etc.

Successful candidates will demonstrate an understanding of intersectional identity and social justice, ability to network and collaborate with others, and ability to work independently and as a member of a team. Additionally, successful candidates must be passionate about helping others and have a desire to develop their own leadership. Open to UW Bothell students until April 17 @8:59 pm.