Disability Resources for Students (DRS)


The Documentation Process

In order to be considered for academic accommodations due to a disability, you must first provide Disability Resources for Students with documentation of that disability.

To obtain documentation, you should contact your physician or licensed diagnostician. In most cases, your documentation must be written by an M.D. or Ph.D. level practitioner. You are welcome to bring the information listed here to him or her in order to ensure that the documentation provided includes the information we require.

Please also visit the Documentation Guidelines page to review your eligibility.

If you believe that you will need special parking on campus because of your disability, please contact the DRS office for more information in regards to this accommodation.

Documentation of your disability should include:

  • A diagnosis of your disability by a qualified health practitioner/licensed psychologist.
  • If you have a mental disorder, a DSM IV diagnosis should be presented by a qualified mental health practitioner.
  • The severity of the condition/disability.
  • The date of assessment (DRS will not accept documentation if it is greater than five years old).
  • Basis for diagnosis (symptoms, test results).
  • An individual assessment of the disorder/disability and prognosis as to duration.
  • An individual assessment of medication side effects.

Please note that your documentation should be presented on the physician's or diagnostician's letterhead. It must also be signed and dated by the physician or diagnostician. Please be sure to communicate that the documentation should not include any information that you, as the patient, should not have access to.

Once we have received your documentation, we will be able to contact you for an intake appointment and make arrangements for accommodations.


Contact Information


Rosa J. Liu, M.Ed.

Manager, Veterans Services & Disability Resources for Students
Email: rosal@uw.edu
Phone: 425-352-5307
Fax: 425-352-5114


Alternative Testing

Email: uwbdrs@uw.edu
Phone: 425-352-5426
Location: UW1, Room 071


Documentation Guidelines