Disability Resources for Students (DRS)

Current Students


Current students, first of all, thank you for being a part of our community here at the University of Washington, Bothell. There are several great resources here on campus to help you make the most of the DRS (Disability Resources for Students) services. Below are links listed to help you focus on specific DRS information and functions.

Welcome aboard and let's get started!

Additional Information

Requesting Services

Current students, please log into myDRS and request your accommodations.

Meeting with Your Counselor

After the Access Planning Meeting, students may need to meet with their counselor again to discuss complex accommodations, evaluate current accommodations, establish additional accommodations, the transition to graduate programs, etc. Follow up appointments are welcome and can be scheduled through the following contact information:

Contact Information

Rosa J. Liu, M.Ed.
Email: rosal@uw.edu
Phone: (425) 352-5307
TDD: (425) 352-5303
FAX: (425) 352-5114

Location: Student Success Center, UW-1, 160


Getting Started (Current Students)


Services Request Timeline

Alternative Testing


Contact Information


Rosa J. Liu, M.Ed.

Manager, Veterans Services & Disability Resources for Students
Email: rosal@uw.edu
Phone: 425-352-5307
Fax: 425-352-5114


Alternative Testing

Email: uwbdrs@uw.edu
Phone: 425-352-5426
Location: UW1, Room 071