Maritza Chavez

College was never a choice, I always knew I was going to go. As I got ready for school every morning, my mom would say “Remember, your future depends on you, get an education.” My parents would take me and my sisters and brother out to the apple orchards and had us work beside them. This was a way to get us to understand that school was important and it would be the only way to be someone in life. They wanted us to choose school and not grow up and continue to do what they did. My older brother and sister were the ones who had it harder because they were the ones who took the first college steps. When it was my turn to start the college search I was more aware of resources available to me and ways to make the transition easier. Even though my parents couldn’t help they always understood and having an older brother and sister who were already familiar with college made it that much easier. Once in college, I still had questions that I needed answered and I didn’t know where to go or who to ask. About a month into college, I got a job as a student assistant and my supervisor was the one who really helped point me in the direction I needed to go. I was glad that I knew someone who could be my mentor as I was starting off my first year and as I continued to pursue my Bachelors degree.